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We offer services that are designed to enable a client to achieve the independence necessary to remain in their home, living a full and satisfying life.
  • Skilled Nursing Services
    Our team of experienced nurses will plan and coordinate your care under the direction of your physician. Skilled nursing care may include: Assessment Medication Management IV Therapy TPN Administration Ostomy Management Wound Care Catheter Care Disease Management and Education Newborn Assessment
  • Rehabilitation Services
    PHYSICAL THERAPY - Provides functional assessments of motor skills required for walking, balance and climbing stairs. Treatments include exercise instruction, balance training, pain management and use of devices to improve safe mobility. OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY - Provides functional home safety assessments with training in self care/homemaking adaptations to improve independence. Treatment may also include instruction in arm/hand exercises, cognitive/dementia strategies and energy conservation techniques. SPEECH THERAPY - Provides assessment and treatment of functional speech/language/communication/cognition and swallowing disorders.

Our Services

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